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Microporous lacquer for wood
Guaranteed Pentachlorophenol-free
Indoor - Outdoor
RAL colour -  Other colours please contact usr 

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42,58 € per Kg TTC

In aqueous phase and odourless, DEPRO® AQUALAC VITI is a protective and decorative lacquer paint for woodwork based on alkyd urethane resin, non-yellowing. Provides effective protection of all wooden constructions against atmospheric aggression. External and internal protection.
DEPRO® AQUALAC VITI is particularly suitable for renovation work.
In aqueous phase,
 DEPRO® AQUALAC VITI actively participates in the protection of the environment and the control of occupational risks by ensuring the safety and well-being of operators. 

Thanks to its moisture regulating function, DEPRO® AQUALAC VITI is particularly recommended for all exterior woodwork; also suitable:
Inside on: doors, windows, baseboards, beams, panelling, furniture, frames...
Outdoors on: doors, shutters, windows, blinds, cladding, half-timbering, barriers, palisades...

Very filling paint for easy application.
Excellent resistance to ageing. Excellent weather resistance.
Water repellent, excellent water vapour permeance. Washes and washes perfectly.
Does not fix the dust. Let the support breathe.
Film protected against the surface development of microorganisms.
Comfort and security of use. Contributes to the respect of the environment.

The substrate must be clean and dry.
Application: On previously painted surfaces, wash and remove any loose paint.
On exotic or greasy woods, please contact us. Ready to use product.
Stir well before use.
In outdoor work, the temperature must not be lower than +5 °C and the humidity must not exceed 80% relative humidity.
In indoor work, the application temperature must not be lower than 8°C, the humidity must not exceed 65% relative humidity.
Application in 2 or 3 coats depending on the environment and the nature of the work. Interior: 2 layers - Exterior: 2 to 3 layers.
Pneumatic gun: Dilution 3 to 5% - Airless gun - Dilution: water
Colors Blanc et teintes RAL
Aspect Satiné
Extrait Sec en Poids 52 %
Yield 6 à 8 m²/kg
Dilution Water
Packaging 5 et 20 kg
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Séchage 30 min
Recouvrable 12 h
Sec 45 min
Dur définitif à 20 °C 12 h

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