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Treatment of wood in microemulsion in aqueous phase
Insecticide and fungicide treatment product for woods.
Treatment of raw wood and all types of joinery in wine-growing environments.
Absence of contaminating olfactory nuisance. PH neutral. Odourless. Does not change the appearance of the wood.

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Insecticide and fungicide treatment product for woods. Microemulsion in aqueous phase composed of insecticidal, fungicidal agents, intended for professional and non-professional users. Treatment of raw wood and all types of woodwork in wine-growing environments Absence of contaminating olfactory nuisance.

Fungicidal, insecticidal, anti-termite effectiveness
Effective against insects with xylophagous larvae and termites, in preventive and curative treatment of the wood used and the constuctions.
The performance of the  DEPRO® XYLOTEC have been established according to different standards
Processing mode : The treatment is carried out by surface application and/or deep injection. The effect of the treatment is immediate and optimal from the fixing stage.
The appearance of the wood is not affected by the treatment and is compatible with all types of finishes. Homogenize the product well before application.
Preventive treatment: Application by brushing on embedded parts, assemblies and supports.
Curative treatment: Application by injection then spraying at low pressure or brushing (2 to 3 passes, time between each pass: 15-30 min) with emphasis on the recessed parts, assemblies and supports. Before applying the product, the minimum operations of sounding, pickling, brushing, brushing and dusting must be carried out for both solid and glued laminated wood, and all infested wood, which no longer has any resistance, must be dismantled
and replaced. Deep injection on parts with large cross-sections can be achieved by repeated filling of the holes, or by an appropriate device under low pressure. Deep treatment must be carried out on the attacked areas, but also by extending beyond both sides of this area.
Consumption: Preventive treatment:
- 10 m²/l (in 1 coat) for the treatment of softwood and hardwood in use classes 1, 2 and softwood in use class 3A.
- 5 m²/l (in 2 coats) for the treatment of hardwoods in use class 3A.
Curative treatment: 3.3 m²/l (in 3 layers).
Precautions for use:
Outdoor, cover with a stain, varnish or paint (
Do not work in wet weather.
To facilitate drying, provide adequate ventilation at the treatment site.
The moisture content of the wood at the time of treatment must be <25%.
Do not treat frozen wood. Do not apply the product to wood that may come into contact with foodstuffs. Pre-test exotic or tannin-rich woods. The ends and cuts must be treated to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment. Reprocess wood when sanding, cutting, etc.
Cleaning of equipment: Rinse equipment and materials with water.
Yield Curatif: 3,3 m²/l - Préventif: 10 m²/l
Density at 20 ° C 1
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Recouvrable 30 min
Séchage avant utilisation 24 à 48 h

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