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Specific primer for wine storehouse walls
Odourless. Unsaponifiable. Excellent holding on alkaline surfaces

Quick drying 
Excellent grip

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540,24 € tax incl.

27,01 € per Kg TTC

Water base primer. GUARANTEE without Pentachlorophenol.
Complies with practices outlined in EU Regulation n°852 of April 29th 2004 on the hygiene of foodstuffs. In compliance with HACCP* practices.
In compliance with the "Good Hygiene Practices Guide for the Wine Industry".
  • Improve the implementation, the grip of paints on mortars and coated cement.
  • Hardens and waterproofs the powdery works area.
Oenological tanks in cement, concretes, coated masonries, perpends, bricks, coated with rough-hewing, plasters and diverted, wood.
Interior or exterior for work area impregnation before to apply wall paint. (DEPRO® SALISTOP VITI, DEPRO® SATIN COV0+ VITI).

Application surface preparation: the surface should be clean, dry, in good condition and free from any substance that may prevent the product from adhering to it.
Surfaces and their preparation should conform to DTU regulation 59.1, standards NFP 7420 1 and 2
Application: Apply product from top to bottom. On very porous or doubtful surfaces apply a 2nd layer. On old surfaces wash, rinse and apply only on a healthy and dry surface.
Dilution: water.
Application tools: brush, roller, pneumatic paint gun.
Drying: at 20°C and at 65 % HR – Touch-dry: 30min – Dry: 1 hour – Ready for Re-coating: 4 hours.

Colors Blanc
Aspect Mat
Extrait Sec en Poids 61 %
Yield 6 à 8 m²/kg
Dilution Water
Density at 20 ° C 1,42
Packaging 4 et 20 kg
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Séchage 30 min
Recouvrable 4 h
Sec 1 h

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