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Epoxy mortar for repairing floors and tanks
Guaranteed Pentachlorophenol-free
Odourless and odourless
High abrasion resistance
Packaging :
25 kg kit (base 2.55 kg + hardener 0.450 kg + loads 22 kg).

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284,17 € tax incl.

11,38 € per Kg TTC

Solvent-free epoxy resin-based mortar. Repair and securing of soils in cellars subject to high mechanical wear and/or chemical aggression. Allows surface defects up to 50 mm to be rectified. 


Repair, protection and decoration of high traffic indoor concrete floors.
Repair of gutters. Compact and dustproof waterproof finish.


Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
Odourless, solvent-free.


Substrate preparation: Before application, the surfaces must be properly prepared to obtain sound, dry and clean substrates, in accordance with DTU 59 3.
Substrate temperature: min. 8 °C; max. 30 °CDEPRO® SOLFIX GT50 VITI comprises a resin part (A) + a hardener part (B) + loads (C).

Apply a printing coat : DEPRO® SOLFIX PRIM VITI.
Application: Mix the resin part (A) + hardener (B) well with a mechanical stirrer at low speed. Immediately add the amount of charge (C). Mix with a trowel to obtain a perfectly homogeneous mortar. Scrape the sides and bottom of the can during mixing to avoid improper resin/hardener mixing and lumps. The more homogeneous the mixture, the more malleable the mortar will be.
Application: Pour the contents of the mixture obtained onto the ground and apply the mortar firmly to the surface to be repaired. Application and smoothing are done with a trowel or trowel.
Cleaning of equipment: 
DILUANT CHOC. Mixture life: 20 minutes at 20 °C.
Drying: Light traffic 24 hours, heavy traffic and chemical contact 6 days.
Surface yield: 25 kg of 
 DEPRO® SOLFIX GT50 VITI allows to protect approximately 1 m² for 15 mm thick.
Wipe the trowel or platter out of the cellar regularly, with DILUANT CHOC 
Colors Beige, jaune sécurité, gris platine, gris sol, gris vert, blanc, brique sol, chamois
Aspect Mat
Extrait Sec en Poids 99 %
Yield 25 kg protége environ 1 m² pour 15 mm d’épaisseur.
Packaging 25 kg
Preservation 6 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Dur définitif à 20 °C 24 h
Séchage avant utilisation 8 jours

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