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Special epoxy coating for wine effluents
Guaranteed Pentachlorophenol-free
High chemical resistance
Packaging :
Colourless 5 kg kit (Resin: 3.06 kg + Hardener: 1.94 kg)
Red brown kit of 5.5 kg (Resin: 3.56 kg + Hardener: 1.94 kg)

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475,88 € tax incl.

86,52 € per Kg TTC

Solvent-free glazed epoxy enamel resin coating for acid and base protection on all substrates (cement, steel, wood, PVC).
Anti-acid closure of epoxy resin systems.


Exceptional resistance to chemical aggression: acids, bases, alcohol, soda, consult our Technical Service for chemical compatibility.
Excellent abrasion and impact resistance.
Glossy finish: easy to decontaminate.
Cold or hot application


Substrate preparation: The substrate must be clean, sound and dry, free of any non-adhesive materials. Cracks and roughnesses must be sealed .
New and old wood: sand to healthy wood, dust off.
Ferrous metals: degrease and sand DS 2.5 to DS 3.
New cement: neutralize milt (DEPRO® CIM VITI), rinse and let dry for a minimum of 48 hours.
Check the humidity level before application. Application temperature: from 10 °C to 35 °C.
The residual moisture content of the substrates must always be less than 5%.
A variation greater than this rate would result in embrittlement and disbonding of the coating.
Preparation of the mixture: Never change the proportions.
To avoid the risk of incorrect dosing, never make partial mixtures.
Pour the entire hardener into the resin, mix well for 5 minutes using a
Pot mixture shelf life: at 10°C = 40 minutes, at 20°C = 30 minutes Do not apply at temperatures >35°C.
Note: The higher the temperature, the shorter the setting time.
Application: Maximum humidity: <75%.
Use a notched spatula for thin thickness (500 to 600 g/m²) or a medium hair roller.
Application in two coats for a film of 300 microns minimum.
Drying: at +10 °C to +20 °C
Recovery: 48 to 72 hours 12 to 36 hours
Trafficable: 48 to 72 hours 24 to 48 hours
Chemical contact: 10 days 7 days
High resistance to soda ash and cellar cleaning products


To obtain a perfectly slip-resistant floor, sprinkle glass microbeads as soon as the first layer of  DEPRO® CHOC ANTI ACIDE VITI. After drying, sweep away the excess microbeads and apply the 2nd coat of DEPRO® CHOC ANTI ACIDE VITI. Cleaning of equipment:  DILUANT CHOC.

Colors Blanc
Aspect Brillant émail
Yield 1 à 2 m²/kg, 3 à 4 m²/kg, 5 à 6 m²/kg
Density at 20 ° C 1,11
Packaging Incolore 5 kg - Brun Rouge 5,5 kg
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Recouvrable 12 à 36 h
Dur définitif à 20 °C 24 à 48 h
Séchage avant utilisation 8 jours


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