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Water-based epoxy coating special for cellar floors and walls

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Two-component epoxy resin in multifunctional aqueous phase for thin films.
Protection and decoration of cellar walls and floors where high wear resistance and/or a high level of hygiene is required. Very easy to clean, the hard, smooth and closed film has excellent resistance to wear and chemicals.
Contributes to the control of the risks of organoleptic contamination of stored liquids.

Rehabilitation, renovation and decoration of the walls and floors of interior cellars with high mechanical and chemical constraints. Wine cellars, bottling, packaging and dry matter storage units.
Recommended in sensitive environments, confined, poorly ventilated areas where olfactory contaminants are likely to create nuisances.

Absence of Pentachorophenol
Odourless, no odour nuisance contaminants for stored liquids.
Guaranteed solvent-free.
Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
Can be applied to the floor in a smooth or non-slip version.
Easy to clean

Work surface preparation: New or old, they must be of good quality, clean, healthy, free from rising damp by capillary action, free of any non-sticky material and any other incompatible coating.

Walls and Floors: remove friable parts by mechanical action.
Polyurethane and epoxy paints must be ginned to obtain good adhesion.
Cracks must be filled (preparations in accordance with DTU 59,1 and 59.3).
Relative humidity <80%..
New or old cement: floor opening by mechanical preparation (sandblasting, shot blasting, sanding) or chemical peeling (DEPRO® CIM VITI rinse, let dry for 48 hours min).
The bottoms may be slightly damp but not wet.
Non-absorbent smooth and glossy substrates should be sandblasted or mechanically removed.

Preparation of the mixture
Never change the Base/Hardener proportions.
Add the entire hardener to the resin, mix well with a mechanical stirrer at low electrical speed until a homogeneous shade is obtained. Shelf life of the mixture by 20 °C before irreversible curing: 45mn.
Do not apply after the service life of the mixture of the 2 components has been exceeded.
Do not apply at temperatures >30°C.

Application: It is carried out with a conventional roller in two layers on a non-condensing surface (temperature >3 °C mini at dew point).
Drying at 20 °C: Overcoating for at least 16 h - Light traffic traffic 48 h - Duration 6 to 8 days.
On porous substrates: first apply a coat of DEPRO® AQUACHOC VITI diluted with 10% water to ensure better adhesion.
Cleaning of equipment: Water

Special case:
To obtain a non-slip surface, spread the "DEPROMA Glass Beads" evenly over the first layer, still fresh, at a rate of 500g/m².
Allow to harden and sweep away any excess not adhering.
Apply the 2nd coat of DEPRO® AQUACHOC VITI.
A third coat may be necessary depending on traffic conditions. note: drying must take place outside a humid atmosphere for 8 days (risk of loss of gloss).
Colors Blanc
Aspect Satiné
Yield 6 à 7 m²/kg
Dilution Water
Density at 20 ° C 1,25
Packaging 10 kg
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Recouvrable 16 h
Dur définitif à 20 °C 48 h
Séchage avant utilisation 8 jours


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