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Decorative anticorrosive aqueous phase lacquer
Anti-corrosion paint with a glossy finish, intended for the protection and decoration of metal surfaces in sensitive environments.
No olfactory contaminants.
Teinte RAL - RAL colour - Other colours please contact us  

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DEPRO®CORROLAC VITI is an anti-corrosion paint based on Polyurethane resin in aqueous phase, intended for the protection and decoration of metal structures in sensitive environments.
Contributes to the control of the risks of organoleptic contamination of stored liquids.
Reinforced protection for metal structures exposed to corrosion.
Direct adhesion to new or already coated metals (except bi-component).
Recommended in sensitive environments, confined spaces, poorly ventilated, where olfactory contaminants are likely to create nuisances.
Special cooperage: Protection and decoration of the strapping.
Long-lasting rust protection. Excellent adhesion to new or coated ferrous metals.
Very good UV and weather resistance. Easy to apply, one-component, does not leak.
Microporous, allows the media to retain their transfer characteristics.

The substrates, preparation work and application conditions must comply with the Standards and DTU in force.
The climatic conditions of application must comply with the NF P74-2011 Standard.
In outdoor work, the temperature must not be lower than +5 °C and the humidity must not exceed 80% relative humidity.
In indoor work, the application temperature must not be lower than +8 °C and the humidity must not exceed 65% relative humidity.
DEPRO® CORROLAC VITI must be applied on a surface in good condition, dry, non-condensing, perfectly degreased or stripped and free of non-adherent materials.
Application equipment: brush, roller or spray gun. Substrate temperature: +5 °C - Max. temperature: +35 °C
Pneumatic gun: Dilution 3 to 5% - Dilution: water.
Application in 2 or 3 coats depending on the environment and the nature of the work.
Interior: 2 coats - Exterior: 2 coats on rustproof primer - 3 coats on raw metal.
Drying = Dust-free: 30 min - Touch dry: 45 min - Hard, recoatable: 12 hours
Colors Blanc - Teintes RAL
Aspect Brillant
Extrait Sec en Poids 52 %
Yield 7 à 9 m²/kg
Dilution Water
Density at 20 ° C 1,27
Packaging 5 et 20 kg
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Séchage 30 min
Recouvrable 12 h
Sec 45 min
Dur définitif à 20 °C 12 h

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