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Special paint for alimentary contact 

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One-component paint based on alloprene polymers. Iron - Cement - Wood.
Controls critical threshold 3: CCP3 = presence of heavy metal residues (traces of rust and flaking paint).

Anti-corrosion paint intended for the food and health protection of all material used for the transit and handling of grapes.
Precautions are necessary to ensure that the equipment does not contaminate the products. To avoid metal contamination of grapes in contact with soft steel-type metal surfaces, they must be coated with a resin suitable for food contact.
DEPRO® ALIM VITI satisfies the prevention of contamination by iron oxides during grape transfers.

Exceptional resistance to chemical aggression**: diluted acids, weak bases, oxidizing agents, soft drinks, alcohol <25 °GL.
Excellent resistance to immersion and permanent humidity.
Quick drying.
Very good resistance to wear and impact.
Can be applied directly on steel and concrete (unsaponifiable) without primer.
High flexibility allowing application on substrates subject to deformation.
Glazed finish: Easy to decontaminate.

Substrate preparation: preparation according to DTU 59.1.
The substrate must be clean, sound and dry, free of any non-sticky material and any other paint. Cracks and roughnesses must be sealed.
Application: In 2 layers on cement, wood.
In 3 layers on ferrous metal sandblasted / sandblasted (100 μm dry minimum).
Application equipment: Brush, brush, roller, spray gun.
Ferrous metals: sand DS 2.5 to DS 3. On unsanded, brushed metal and after neutralizing the corroded areas, apply a primer of the type 
New or old cement: New cement, wait at least 28 days for drying and neutralize the laitance (DEPRO®  CIM VITI). Old cement, after stripping and neutralization of the soil, wait for a minimum of 24 hours for drying. New and old wood: sand to healthy wood, dust off.
(*)HACCP: control of critical points for their control
(**)Contact our technical department for chemical resistance.

Dilution: Brush, roller and brush: maximum 5% of DILUANT A VITI.
Spray gun 10 to 20% of DILUANT A VITI depending on the colour and material used.
Substrate temperature: 5 °C minimum; 30 °C maximum
Colors Blanc, bleu, brique
Aspect Satiné Brillant
Extrait Sec en Poids 56 %
Yield 4 à 6 m²/kg
Dilution Diluant A
Density at 20 ° C 1,3 à 1,4
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Séchage 30 min
Recouvrable 24 h
Sec 2 à 3 h
Séchage avant utilisation 8 jours


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