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Water anti-corrosion primer
Odourless: No olfactory nuisance.
All surfaces: Steel, Galvanized, PVC...

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Primer paint. Allows adhesion on ferrous and non-ferrous substrates: zinc, aluminium, galva, PVC, polyesters.
The absence of olfactory nuisance contributes to the control of the risks of organoleptic contamination of stored liquids

Decorative and sanitary protection of steel strip in cooperage, machines, tanks, walkways.

In the aqueous phase,  DEPRO® AQUAPRIM VITI actively participates in the control of occupational risks by ensuring the safety and well-being of operators.
Absence of contaminating olfactory nuisances.
Lead-free. Free of pentachlorophenol and organochlorine derivative.
Very easy to apply.
Very fast drying.

Preparation of the substrates: the surfaces to be treated must be perfectly clean, dry, degreased, free of rust and scale. Comply with D.T.U 59.1 (painting work).
The substrate must be rough, i. e. free of any other paint.
Support: iron, galvanized, non-ferrous metals, PVC, polyester, copper, lead, aluminium.
Minimum substrate temperature +5 °C. Maximum substrate temperature +30 °C.
In case of permanent rust apply DEPRO® CORROSTOP VITI.

DEPRO® AQUAPRIM VITI is an adhesion primer, it must always be diluted and applied in thin layers. Mix well before use.
Application: brush, roller, spray gun (water dilution 0 to 10%).
The cleaning of the equipment will also be done with water.

Colors Blanc
Aspect Satiné
Yield 6 à 8 m²/l
Dilution Water
Density at 20 ° C 1,34
Packaging 5 l
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Séchage 30 min
Recouvrable 4 h

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