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  • Recommended for us in humid areas or outdoor environments.
  • Impervious to fouling: organic soiling, greasy residue and fingerprints.
  • Excellent resistance to humid abrasion.
  • Economic due to high yield and long lasting effects.

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Paint with anti-fouling properties, enhanced using an anti-adherent agent (PTFE*).
Complies with practices outlined in EU Regulation n°852 of April 29th 2004 on the hygiene foodstuffs. Recommended for use in the treatments of humid, poorly-lit areas.
Helps control common biological fouling in storehouses: encrustation, moulds, and fungi.
Confirmation of absence of contamination in liquid products: VECT’OEUR Laboratory.
VECT’OEUR Laboratory- Certificate of Analysis N°C10030335: Analyses for HALOANISOLES, HALOPHENOLS and ORGANOHALOGENIC active ingredients.
Evaluation of risk of indirect wine contamination: VECT’OEUR Laboratory. Report N°CE 14081180
In compliance with the "Good Hygiene Practices for the Wine Industry" Guide."
In compliance with HACCP* practices. Cellars, barrel storehouses and all premises requiring optimum sanitary conditions.

The presence of anti-adhesive agents associated with alkyd-urethane resins, allows an efficient and very fast cleaning and disinfection of the protected supports.
Odourless, no olfactory contaminant.
Insensitive to fouling: organic soils, grease, fingerprints.
Anti-adherent effect: Allows fast cleaning.
UV stable, washable - Easy to clean.
Excellent resistance to wet abrasion.
Economical bymeans of its high efficiency and durability.

When applied in cellars, the wine containers must be tightly closed. Resumption of oenological activities 6 days after application.
Mono-component and ready to use, used in 2 layers (shake before use):
Brush or roller: 1st layer dilution up to 3 % water. 2nd pure layer. Viscosity of use: 90'' (+/- 10) CA6 for white.
Airless spray: dilution up to 5 % water. Viscosity of use: 60'' (+/- 10) CA6.
Pneumatic Pistol: dilution up to 15 % water. Viscosity of use: 25 to 35'' Ca4.
Theoretical yield: 140 g/m² - Normal thickness of the film: 40 - 60 μm.
Drying: touch dry: 2 h. Recoverable: 24 h. Hard to heart for liquid contact 15 days.
Application: Applies on most surfaces (cement, plaster, cellular concrete, wood, faience, PVC, metal) raw or already painted. Exterior/interior, on walls, skirting boards, doors, ceilings.
Compatible with the majority of existing coatings (contact us).
Area preparation: the painting area must be clean, healthly and dry, free from any non-adherent material
that may affect the performance of the coating. The support and its preparation will comply with DTU 59.1.
In the case of already painted support, a preliminary test is recommended.
Special cases after support preparation:
On new cement or lime plaster, apply DEPRO® AQUAFIX VITI as a primer.
On metals, apply a suitable primer: DEPRO® AQUAPRIM VITI.
Easy maintenance: clean up as soon as stains or other stains appear.
Note: Immediately rinse the support with clean water after applying a solution of peracetic acid, hydrogen
peroxide or soda solution.
is delayed in cold and wet weather.
Colors Blanc, Incolore
Aspect Satiné Brillant
Extrait Sec en Poids 52 %
Yield 7 à 9 m²/kg
Dilution Water
Density at 20 ° C 1,2
Packaging 5 et 20 kg
Preservation 12 months in unopened original packaging, free from frost and heat
Recouvrable 12 à 24 h
Sec 6 h


Technical data Sheet - FR

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Safety Data Sheet – FR

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